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Name:New Middle Earth
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For the first time in thousands of years, the Valar's powers are weakening and the Straight Road is once again open. Where do you go? Why, the cosmopolitan center of the European world, London, naturally. You arrive in the 21st Century by chartered yacht, and what you bring with you is entirely up to you - you can come with nothing but the clothes on your back, or you can begin by being independently wealthy, or anything in between. Once in London, where you go from there is up to you. Perhaps you seek out others of your own kind, or old friends. Perhaps you strike out on your own to see the New Middle-earth.

1. Play nice. Be respectful to each other. If two characters are going to fight, make sure that both players are on the same page to avoid misunderstanding.
2. Try to post in a timely fashion, particularly if your thread has some bearing on other players and their potential actions
3. Don't Godmod or Powerplay. This is exactly what it sounds like: playing as if you're a God, or have invincible powers. Godmodding occurs when a player describes or forces the outcome of their actions against another character. Also, do not move other characters without checking with their handlers first, and try not to attribute history to unclaimed canonical characters in case someone wants to claim them later.
4. Don't claim more characters than you can manage.
5. Try to leave a 'hook' for the next player to pick up in their post - something they can respond to.
6. Tell others when you'll be away.
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